Your Face Here

Online dating is tough. And let’s face it, no matter how much of a catch you are on paper, the most important part of your online profile is that main picture, especially for those dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and NiteFalcon.

That’s why I’ve created a line of images anyone can download and use for their profile picture called Your Face Here. Continue reading

Letter of Intent to Date (Phase Unknown (?))

This is the forth in a series of communications with an OK Cupid user from Australia. I would recommend starting with my Letter of Intent to Date.

After some out of character interaction, Caroline Thomas returned from a brief leave of absence.

Phase Unknown (?)

Dear Ms. Harper-

Caroline Thomas, authorized OK Cupid representative for Mr. Jason Dockins, writing to you in order to offer my sincerest apologies. In addition to presenting Mr. Dockins with promising profiles for his consideration, it is also my responsibility to keep Mr. Dockins from gaining access to his account and sending messages to potential partners -a responsibility I have failed to uphold. Continue reading